I  am a very friendly and easy going person who wants us both to enjoy our experience fully.  With that in mind, I ask that you follow these suggestions:

  • Donations are for my favorite college fund and should be left in plain view.
  • Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
  • An "upscale quality experience" is not rushed. To be able to offer a rich sensual companionship experience and to allow ourselves a relaxing time together,  I generally do not offer companionship for less than 1 hour. However, I do occasionally accommodate my established friends with half hour appointments.
  • To fully enjoy our experience, it goes without saying, that good hygiene is a must.  Man-scaping is highly appreciated.
  • Please do not over stay our date or put me in the uncomfortable position of having to tell you that your time is up.  If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.
  • Unfortunately, I am not available for dates "off the clock".  Nor am I available to "hang out" in my spare time.  Please do not make any requests of this nature.  All time spent with me needs to be compensated appropriately.  During our time together,  I provide a wonderful girlfriend experience.  However, I am not girlfriend material.
  • Donations to the college fund are in appreciation for my time and companionship only.  This is  reflective of the quality of service I provide.  I do not offer discounted rates or "specials".  
  • Please realize that my life extends beyond this business and I do not have the time for extended phone conversations or excessive texting.   
  • Please do not request any more pictures than those which are provided. 
  • If you are unable to keep our appointment or will be late, please notify me as soon as possible.  
  • Before we meet, I would appreciate a general description of your likes/dislikes (i.e.,  clothing interests and preferences or any special requests.)  This way I can tailor the experience in an effort to provide what you desire.
  • If you are not sure whether I will participate in a particular activity, please ask in person.